A Special Home for You

Build your New Villa in Arboleas with totally warranty with CGM. We offer specialized services to have the best quality and price.

All Included – No further extras!


Your New Villa

Build your New Villa in Arboleas with totally warranty with CGM. We offer specialized services to have the best quality and price.

All Included – No further extras!

Your Villa with the Best Quality

CGM offer a traditional mediterranean designs perfectly integrated with the environment and finishes of high quality. These designs take full advantage of the spaces offering different combinations. All our designs have “Price All Included“, this include all the costs associated to its construction, legalization and taxes, for the customer security.

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A Plot for Relax

We help you to find and choose the adequate plot for your needs. You can find different locations, measures and prices to have all the facilities that you can imagine. It does not matter if you want a double garage, big swimming pool or more garden, you will have the plot that need.

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Frequently Questions

The price of each house design include all the costs required for its construction, paperwork and taxes. There is no extra costs asociated for the house. The costs of the plot (purchase value of the plot, land preparation and paperwork) and furniture (kitchen, beds, etc) are not included in this price. These costs can be very variable depending on the place, conditions of the land and customer requirements, for this reason we separate the house price.

The price of a standard plot (600m2) in Arboleas is between 35.000€ and 45.000€ depending its location and characteristics. To this price you need add the costs of land preparation and paperwork. For example: for a plot without any land preparation, with a 40.000€ of purchase value, we estimate a total cost of 53.000€. On the other hand, there are also another plots ready for construct with a purchase value of 40.000€. Remember that this total price is approximate, we will study your case to give you the real price. Ask about our plots avaibility.

In another case, if you have a plot we can manage and build the house for its price without any extra cost.

The total cost is divided by stages. There is no neccesary make the total payment at the begining. We divided the cost in diferents payments for each phase of the project.

Yes, you can include the extra constructions that you want. For example, You can add a 8mx4m standard swimming pool by 12.000€ all included (project, licenses and taxes). There is no problem to add a storagehouse or a garage. Ask about these prices.

Yes, CGM give you different options to choose the materials (colors, textures, etc), but if you want improve them there is no problem. For example: if you want improve floor tiles or another element there is no problem to change it. You will only pay the costs difference.

The time required for build the house is six month. With this time we consider enough to have the house totally finished to live. In case that the house is not finished in this time, We will pay you an apartment rent in the area until the house is finished. For the final works of the plot and other constructions, it depends of the customer requirements. For this reason, these last work can be delayed some time more (one/two months). All these clauses are included by contract.

Yes, there is no problem to change our designs to adapt to your needs (two/four bedrooms, etc). Moreover, We can create a specific design for you. For example: a house of 100m2 has a cost around 102.000€ + Plot all included.

Yes, We manage every aspect of the process (construction, licenses, paperwork, taxes) to have your house totally legal. We will inform you in each phase to have all the important concepts clear. You will not have paperwork problems in the future guaranteed by contract.

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If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us without any commitment. You can use the follow form or send an email to info@cgmconsultoriatecnica.com