Nowadays, It essential to consider the town planning regulations to avoid future complications and problems. A simple law mistake or procedure can require costly solutions which could have been resolved from the beginning with a correct professional management. For this reason, We offer consulting services to solve the main issues related to urban planning laws:

We manage all the necessary paperwork and licenses to resolve the legal incidents about your property.
We can register, update or modify the land registers to keep your properties registered correctly in Catastro.
A correct plots measurement it essential to limit its boundaries and set the real commercial value.
You can legalize the situation of your house, pool, shed or garage with more than six years of antiquity with this certificate.
We process all the necessary paperwork to obtain the AFO denomination for your property and to legalize its situation.
Certificate required to sell or rent your house, It let you know the energy consumption necessary of the house.
We can study the different urban posibilities of your plot and make an optimal proposal to divide it into diferents subplots.